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We all want to feel successful.

Self-improvement books, seminars, and “gurus” are a multi-billion dollar industry. Most of us work hard, play by (most of) the rules, and do our best to achieve success in what matters to us. Yet the majority of us still feel like failures in at least one major aspect of our lives.


Who I am

I’ve spent the past decade leading sales teams at fast-growing startups in Silicon Valley, but I started my career as a professional poker player in Las Vegas. Despite the obvious differences between poker and sales, I was surprised to learn that many of the same skills were required to succeed in both. Additionally, the applications of those skills extended well beyond the jobs themselves.

Those learnings were sometimes counterintuitive and often painful, but they were foundational to my success at the things most important to me: good health, a loving marriage, close relationships with friends and family, and a fulfilling career. All of this led me to an singular conclusion:

The reason many of us fail to achieve personal success isn’t that we’re not working hard enough, it’s that we’re not working on the right things.

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